Many Complex Variables to Consider

Watertight closures represent a significant investment, and many complex variables need to be considered in your purchasing decision. There are an extensive range of specifications and options offered by closure manufacturers.

NAVSEA Specifications Can Double the Cost

At one end of the spectrum are companies focused on supplying the U.S. Navy, and building their products to NAVSEA specifications. These specifications require a costly process of T bar stiffening of the door panels. NAVSEA specifications may double the cost of a watertight door. Unless you're involved in Navy construction to NAVSEA requirements, these costly, over engineered closures may not a good investment.

Foreign Companies have Higher Shipping Costs, Parts Availability Issues and Slower Delivery Time

Another option is the growing number of foreign manufacturers. There are trade offs for the potential savings from using an off shore provider. There may be lower standards of quality control. Savings are frequently offset by increased shipping costs. Replacement parts are often difficult to impossible to locate, especially if the vessel is operated thousands of miles from the original closure manufacturer. Finally, delivery is often much slower when purchasing from a foreign manufacturer.

We Meet the Highest Government Standards for Non-NAVSEA Applications

Our products are built to standards generally accepted by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the United States Coast Guard. Although, certification by ABS is available, we recommend against applying for official certification unless absolutely necessary due to the lengthy certification process and related extended delivery time. We can however, provide certification that our closures are built to ABS and USCG standards.

Our Products are Made in the United States and Parts are In Stock

Our products are made in the United States and meet U.S. government standards for non-military applications. We keep a large inventory of replacement parts for all closures we supply. We offer expert consultation based on more than 50 years experience meeting the needs of both Marine and Industrial customers. Most of our products are made to order and can currently be shipped in only 1 - 3 weeks.