Index of Large Printer Friendly Drawings

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Drawing No.Description
1-AAluminum Bolt On Portlights
1-BBrass Portlight - Bolt-On Portlights
2-AAluminum Portlights - Weld-In
2-BBrass Back Portlight - Weld-In

Fixed Lights

Drawing No.Description
1-ACAluminum Weld-In Fixed Light
1-SSteel Weld-In Fixed Light w/ Cover
25-AAluminum Plain Fixed Light
25-BBrass Plain Fixed Light
25AWI25 AWI Aluminum Weld In-Fixed Light W/O Cover
25SWISteel Weld-In Fixed Light w/o Cover
26-AAluminum Reversed Fixed Light
26-BBrass Reversed Fixed Light


Drawing No.Description
29WLRaised Water Tight Hatch with Drop Bolts, Louvers & Optional Bird Screen
29Watertight Hatches With Drop Bolts
30Watertight Hatches
32Spring Balanced, Quick Acting, Watertight Hatches
32-FRaised Watertight Hatch w/Spring & Flush Cover
33Quick Action Raised, Oval Watertight Hatch
34Quick Acting Oval Watertight Hatch
34WSQuick Acting Oval Watertight With Recessed Spring
35Quick Acting Flush Watertight Hatches
35WSQuick Acting Flush Watertight With Recessed Spring
39Spring Balanced Rectangular With Drop Bolts
40Watertight Hatch With Drop Bolts ( Oval )
41Watertight Hatch with Dogs ( Oval )
42Oil Cargo Hatches
43Watertight Flush Hatches
43-BOFlush Watertight Hatch w/Bottom Operated Individual Dogs
44Watertight Flush Oval Hatches
45Hull Side Hatch w/Drop Bolts
47Ullage-Single Dog Hatches
49Watertight, Spring Balanced
50Spring Balanced Quick Acting, Watertight Oval
51Flush Raised Oval Hatches
52Watertight With Drop Bolts (Round)
53Watertight Flush With Spring Balanced Cover
53-FHRaised Hatch w/Flush Cover & Flush Hinge w/Spring
53-LFlush Quick Acting Watertight Hatch w/Flush Lever & Recessed Spring
54Watertight Rectangular Hatches
60Ullage-Quick Acting Hatches

Door and Hatch Hardware

Drawing No.Description
10DDRADoor Dog Assembly
10DDRPRaised Hatch Dog Assembly
29HDPAHatch Drop Bolt Assembly
43HDA-SLOTFlush Hatch Dog Assembly - Slot
43HDA-HEXFlush Hatch Dog Assembly - Hex

Watertight Doors

Drawing No.Description
7Gastight & Weather Tight, 2 Dogs
9Watertight Doors, 4 Dogs
10Watertight Doors, 6 Dogs
13Watertight Square Doors, 6 Dogs
14Quick Acting Watertight Doors
14-AAQuick Acting Watertight All Alum Doors
14-LQuick Acting Watertight Doors
15Quick Acting Lever Type
17Watertight Doors - Dutch, 6 Dogs
18Watertight Doors Double
19Water Tight Door, Personnel & Equipment
20Non-Tight Doors

Manhole Covers

Drawing No.Description
57Covered Bolted Plate Manhole Covers
58Watertight Oval Manhole Covers
58CSFlush Oval Bolted Plate Manhole Covers
58SBolted Oval Plate With Studs
58FFlush Round Bolted Plate
58RRaised Bolted Plate Manhole Covers
58RRRound Raised Bolted Manhole Covers
59Single Bolt Manhole Covers
59-0Oval Single Bolt Manhole Covers
61Single Bolt With Fold Down Handle
62Watertight Round Cover Manhole Covers

Commercial Storage Tank Manholes

Drawing No.Description
18RNon-Pressure Manhole - 18"
24RNon-Pressure Manhole - 24"

Scuttles (Round Hatches)

Drawing No.Description
63Quick Acting Watertight With Spring Balanced Cover
64Flush Quick Acting Watertight, Round
64-RCQuick Action Flush Cover w/2in Raised Coaming
65Quick Acting Watertight, Round With 3 Dogs
67Quick Acting Watertight, Flush
68Watertight With Drop Bolts
69Watertight With Dogs
70Watertight - Operate Below Only
71Watertight Flush
72Watertight Raised, Flush Cover