More Than One-Hundred Years of Experience

Founded in 1906, Standard Equipment Company is a privately owned corporation located in Mobile, Alabama. Our Company was originally established to provide supplies and equipment to the railroad and sawmill industries.

Following World War II, we became a major supplier of marine closures, water-tight doors, hatches, and port lights, for ship builders, municipal water treatment facilities, and contractors nationwide.

Our location is convenient to air, rail, ship, and truck routes. We pride ourselves on fast service and most orders can be shipped in only 1 - 3 weeks.

Certified Standards and Value

We stock a large variety of watertight doors, hatches, portlights, and manways, and have the capability to manufacture these items to individual specifications. Along with made to order closures, we offer pumps, compressors, and blowers specially designed and fabricated for the marine industry.

We fabricate our products to standards established by the American Bureau of Shipping and the United States Coast Guard. We offer our customers greater value by avoiding the cost of over engineering products to U.S. Navy specifications. We can also fabricate less costly commercial grade products.

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For more than 50 years, we have specialized in marine and industrial watertight doors and hatches. Standard Equipment is a leader in developing innovative technology to meet the needs of our customers.

Let us evaluate your requirements, budgets and production schedules. We have the experience to deliver closures which function effectively in any environment-marine or industrial.