Hatches Engineered to ABS/USCG Standards

Our watertight Marine and Industrial hatches are fabricated to standards generally accepted by the American Bureau of Shipping and the United States Coast Guard. Our closures are less costly and with MUCH faster delivery than watertight doors and hatches manufactured specifically to U.S. Navy specifications. We also offer less costly commercial grade watertight doors and hatches.

Certification of to ABS and USCG Standards is available.

Fast Delivery

Most of our products are made to order and can currently can be shipped in only 1—3 weeks. We keep your production on schedule with firm commitments and fast delivery.

We offer an extensive range of materials, hardware, styles and sizes for watertight doors, boat hatches, watertight boat hatches, portholes, manhole covers and flood doors.

Experience and Expertise in both Marine and Industrial Closures

Standard Equipment Company has specialized in marine and industrial watertight doors and waterproof hatches for more than 50 years. Call us at 1-800-239-3442 for an expert consultation. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your needs and offer flexible, cost effective solutions. You provide specifications, budgets and timetables, and our experienced staff delivers solutions to any marine or industrial closure application.

Watertight Doors

Watertight Doors

Our Watertight doors are made to order using carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel based on your specific requirements. Materials can be flexibly mixed and matched as necessary.

For example, you can order a carbon steel frame to facilitate welding to a carbon steel bulkhead while using more corrosion proof materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel, for the door panels and other critical door components.

Watertight doors are available in virtually any size and configuration for both marine and industrial applications. Opening mechanism options include hand operated dogs, levers and hand wheels. All of our watertight doors and hatches are built to ABS/USCG or Commercial Standards. We offer fast delivery with most custom orders currently available in 1–3 weeks.

Watertight Boat Hatches, Scuttles and Manholes

Hatches, Boat Hatches

We offer an extensive selection of hatches for personnel, equipment and cargo access and egress. Our hatches are fabricated to order using carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel components as required. We offer the flexibility of a variety of coaming (frame) materials and designs to accommodate a variety of customer specific applications. Hardware options include hand operated dogs, drop bolts, quick acting hand wheels and spring assists covers. Hatches can be ordered in virtually any size and configuration.